I can help you if

  • You are not an established patient.
  • You are generally healthy, but looking to enhance your well-being and longevity by incorporating nutrient-dense foods and holistic practices.
  • You struggle with coming off of refined foods like breads, pastas, and sugar.
  • You are eager be more in control of your health and want to use nutrition as part of your personal preventative plan.

Benefits working with me

  • Kitchen confidence: learn how to cook and prepare foods not only efficiently and easily, but also make them taste good
  • Find where to procure the highest quality, most precious foods
  • Discover what to prioritize when on a time or financial budget
  • Enhance your sense of self-love— caring by cooking for yourself gives deep nourishment on more levels than one.

What I offer

1:1 consultation, phone or office: Together we will assess your current diet and identify your challenges. I will assist you in developing steps for integration and customize your plan to suit your personal needs. I will also provide additional materials and resources if necessary, and answer any immediate questions and concerns.

Email support: Get quick answers to all those little questions that come up along the way.

Online Guided Groups: Join a safe and private forum where you will find companionship, inspiration, recipes, and support with people who are on the same diet. Coming soon.

I can help you if you are a patient of Dr. Cowan or if you are generally healthy and looking to enhance your well-being.

Ready to begin?

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