“What a support Sabine has been to me during my intricate diet implementations. Her knowledge, accessibility, and practical creative solutions are worth more than pot of gold! Wouldn’t be able to have same great results without her.  I am ever so grateful Dr. Cowan uses her services for his patients!”Renee Terese, Orange County, Los Angeles, CA


“As someone who faced moderate to severe symptoms from Crohn’s Disease for over forty years, I find it hard to adequately express how grateful I am to Sabine Luisi for expert advice. Since I began to follow my prescribed diet therapy, I have been virtually symptom free, something I had never been able to achieve prior to working with her. Sabine’s knowledge of nutrition is encyclopedic. In addition, she has been masterful in helping me to implement the changes. She’s patient, flexible, encouraging and yet clear and straightforward about the reasons to follow recommendations completely and the possible downside of adaptations. She’s always been available and accessible, for quick questions or in-depth conversations. I’ve come to think of Sabine as an indispensable member of my wellness team.”Stephen Blumenthal, Berkeley, CA


“My husband Bill and I met Sabine at Dr. Cowan’s office in 2006, and have been consulting with her to this day! We both have been on the Nourishing Traditions diet since then, with some restrictions due to health issues over the years. Sabine has always made herself available to clarify all of our questions pertaining to the variety of diet protocols Dr. Cowan prescribes. She has immense knowledge in all aspects of nutrition and provides one-on-one personal support for our diet needs. Her vast knowledge and comforting disposition has been a key component in our continued good health. Thank you, Sabine!”  Lucy & Bill Gore, Volcano, CA

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